GPIO Studio Interface

30 channels of GPIO inputs

Trigger custom Quu360 configurations

Schedule based configurations

Quick release front cover

Easy Installation

Wall mount enclosure
Wiring access on all sides

Discrete Wiring

Contact closures trigger custom Quu360 configurations


How's the studio interface work?

A simple contact closure can:

  • Divert your metadata activity to an alternative transmitter location

  • Have your Quu360 system access sports scores instead of artist & title from your automation

  • Switch between multiple studios as your metadata source

To use this amazing capability:

  • Create an alternate "Station" in your Quu2Go portal

  • In the "Studio Interface" tab, define which contact closure to assign to your new "Station"

When Quu360 detects the contact closure, it will activate the appropriate station configuration! 

Think out of the box!